Great to relax

The Paddock

Below the walled garden, accessed by following the gravel path outside the main gates of the hamlet.  Historically the site of fruit trees and small livestock this is now a multifunctional space. A working area for the team creating planked timber from trees from the estate, for furniture making in the workshops and the waste timber becomes logs for the wood burners and fire pits.  

This is a great place for picnics, dog walking, deer watching through the boundary fence into Bridwell Park Estate, there is something quite magical about seeing the herd going about it’s day. Our rustic fire pit and seating area is becoming a firm favourite, with those wanting to catch up and put the world to rights and of course those individuals addicted the the smokey gooeyness of toasted marsh mallows. 

Football, Basket ball and silliness are actively promoted in this area. Most notable to date are hot tubs, sheep and duck herding and a sleep out in the trees in sleeping bag hammocks. We are sure there is better and crazier to come. 

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