There is so much to do

Our Onsite Facilities

Old Bridwell is a unique base from which to explore are amazing corner of South West and Devon. However, there’s plenty to do without leaving the gates of the hamlet. Make magical memories toasting marshmallows around our rustic fire pit in the Paddock, gather together in the Thatched Pumphouse for morning coffee or a late night drink or relax and take in the historic scenery of the Walled Garden.

A peaceful escape

Walled Garden

Old Bridwell retained the original walled garden from Bridwell Park Estate when it was separated in the late 1980s.  The hamlet was was the home farm estate and the walled garden was fully productive producing  much of the food for the main estate.  


Let loose

The Paddock

Below the walled garden, accessed by following the gravel path outside the main gates of the hamlet.  Historically the site of fruit trees and small livestock this is now a multifunctional space.  A working area for the team creating planked timber from trees from the estate, for furniture making in the workshops and the waste timber becomes logs for the wood burners and fire pits. This space is used for ball games, totally pet friendly and a prime site for toasting marshmallows.


The place to meet

Thatched Pumphouse

Situated in the centre of the Hamlet, the Thatched Pumphouse is a great place to sit for morning coffee or gather for a few glasses together in the evening. The Thatched Pumphouse is always a popular meeting spot and an ideal place to watch resident Swallows and local wildlife. Seasonally the home of the Hamlet Christmas tree.

A VIP welcome

Pet Guests Welcome

VIP pet guests and their well-behaved humans are welcome in Rosemary Cottage, Bramley Cottage, Orchard Cottage, Pumphouse Cottage and Old Farmhouse subject to a pet guest fee.  Many of the cottages have enclosed rear gardens. There is a dog walking / play paddock and we offer a sitting / walking service incase our VIPs don’t fancy your planned activities. 

Meet the management

Say hello to Lucky

Resident manager, Lucky, prides herself in running an efficient team here at Old Bridwell. She works tirelessly to ensure that no stone is left unturned and everything is up to scratch for her arriving guests. Her unique management style includes eating the team’s lunches for them so more work gets done. She starts work early as she likes to be in bed by dusk and is partial to left over scone and breakfast toast.

Testimonials and reviews

Stories from recent stays

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